A Rare Event

More productivity.

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14 Responses to A Rare Event

  1. SD says:

    I love the flying coffee mug… He should get his own squares. Jimmy The Flying Coffee Mug.. BAMMIEWHAM

  2. steve says:

    i don’t ever recall experiencing that…


  3. BigLee says:

    That is so awesome. This should be issued to all managers before they even consider calling a meeting to make them pause and think about what it is they want to achieve. Or maybe that’s asking too much of managers?!

  4. Nebulous says:

    I don’t like making political comments for non-political comments but Congress recently had a moment like this when they passed a Farm Bill with Bi-Partisan support. Several Congressmen, on both sides, were quoted as saying “What just happened?”.

  5. willwot says:

    and the shock lasts for days causing any productivity gains to be lost in that the manager taking all credit and wanting to hear more accolades for the mindless confusion that he has further caused.

  6. Jeremy says:

    So the manager is smartphoning into that other meeting because triplebooked and everyone else is hiding behin…wait what?

  7. moi says:

    omg, this is so relevant right now ha ha – actually I’m waiting for this to happen in a project I’m working on… can’t wait for the confusion 😉

  8. Tom says:

    I love these science fiction comics.

  9. Karen says:

    Note to self: Do not drink coffee while reading Savage Chickens. Will cause spitting of coffee all over keyboard and resulting computer malfunction.
    Love it!

  10. Wildbird says:

    Get some smelling salts the boss just fainted

  11. Nell says:

    I adored this. I’m going to paste it at the top of my next set of minutes…

  12. I’ve never had that experience, haha.

  13. seasiderobin says:

    This should be on a mug…

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