The Taste of Beer

Dedicated to reader Lucas B., who asked for more Timmy Tofu!

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8 Responses to The Taste of Beer

  1. Antonio says:

    Very useful for me to explain the concept of dimishing marginal benefit in consumption, in my class Economics for Management!

  2. willwot says:

    That is the compelling thing about the 14th beer, gotta reach it.

  3. Chip Camden says:

    Now that’s some pickled tofu. Timmy, you’re such a bad boy.

  4. Wildbird says:


  5. Peter says:

    I can only dream about the taste of the 14th beer. I have never managed to drink that many. 🙂

  6. Luu says:

    I love the expresion of Timmy’s face! Great!

  7. Kehos says:

    I really do what Timmy says, but I can’t stand more than 4 beers 😮

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