Here’s more time travel.

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7 Responses to Rover

  1. DIN aDN says:

    Oh no, it’s Heinlein all over again…

  2. Luu says:

    I expect that Timmy Tofu – The Time Traveller would definitely do something like that too…. but maybe more nastier;)

  3. Kulrak says:

    It would probably help him sniff his own butt if he took off his helmet.

  4. Greg Rajewski says:

    Oh Doug! You’re nuts!! 🙂

    Keep ’em coming!!!

  5. willwot says:

    that would probably be the only reason for dog time travel, that and they wouldn’t have to bend over backwards to chase their tail.

  6. tony bond says:

    If “Dogs” could really Time Travel, they’d do exactly that.


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