The Best Christmas

Happy Holidays everybody! Today’s cartoon is cut and folded into the top of a pad of sticky notes, and it’s dedicated to my cat buddies Watson and Crumble!

As usual, I’ll be taking a week off for Christmas. But here are tons of Christmas cartoons to fortify your holiday cheer. And I’ll still be posting classic Savage Chickens cartoons over on GoComics next week, so you can always hop over there and check them out. Thank you all for a fantastic year! The chickens will be back on New Year’s Eve – see you then!

Update: Here’s another view!

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22 Responses to The Best Christmas

  1. Planar says:

    Thanks for the daily chicken fix. See you next year

  2. steve says:

    Happy Christmas to all the Savage Chickens Readers


  3. No name says:

    Have a merry Christmas and thank you for this years Savage Chickens. They have helped me a lot in my daily life in the cubicle.

  4. Kehos says:

    See you soon Doug! Thanks to you for bringing us those fantastic Chickens! ^^

  5. Gale says:

    Happy / Merry Christmas to all and sundry, including that poor cat singing ‘Je regrette rien’ underneath that tree! 🙂

  6. Ant says:

    Aww, no new ones next week. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 😀

  7. Mary says:

    LOL! I love this! My cats practically did this to my little tree last night trying to get to one of my bird ornaments.

  8. Wildbird says:

    Merry Christmas from WILDBIRD

  9. Greg Rajewski says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Doug, and to all your faithful fans!!

    (Good luck with Watson and Crumble eyeing (eying?) all those tempting Xmas tree decorations!)

  10. asq says:

    Doug, i always print your cat series. on yellow postits. please give us a flat version so i can dui with cuts and add it to collection.

    merry xmas 🙂

  11. Oracle says:

    Merry Savage Christmas, y’all!

  12. Cyberyan says:

    This is brilliant! Merry Xmas to you too and thanks for all the smiles.

  13. Karen says:

    Yes, brilliant! (Do cats ever regret anything?)

    Have a great time off, thank you for all the laughs this year!!!

    • Karen, cats are like politicians: There is never any regret, as anything which went wrong is everyone else’s faults!
      Also like politicians, they do know when they messed up, because they run and hide, just like politicians do!

      So: Kitty for prez! …and senator! …and rep! 🙂

  14. From now until after New Years?  That’s more than a week!  (Gasp, tears, nail biting, hyperventilation, and other indicators of dismay.) 

    Thank you for the cartoons, though.  They are good, and they are appreciated!  (Enjoy the time off, but beware the chickens’ taking advantage of your absence, to further their plot(s) to take over the world!) 

  15. Veronica Godfrey says:

    Happy Christmas, Doug! Enjoy your holiday, and think of lots of cat cartoons, please, while you’re enjoying the break. I still love my birthday cat =^..^=

  16. Wodge/waja says:

    Thanks for another great year! Enjoy your time off. It is true, cats regret nothing. How many years of this stuff? What was it…1997?

  17. Wildbird says:

    The cat in the christmas tree reminds me of when our cat climbed our christmas tree twice

  18. willwot says:

    REgret nothing it is all a beautiful thing. Happy Merry Good Christmakkuhkwanzolstice

  19. rotts says:

    Je ne regret rien!

    Happy solstice!

  20. Bassy Galore says:

    Merry Christmas, Doug!!

  21. Luu says:

    Dear Doug, thank you for another year with your cartoons (esp. for those with Timmy;) ).

    Great 2013 to all.

    Luu from Czech Republic

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