The Last Meeting

Happy Day of the Ninja!

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9 Responses to The Last Meeting

  1. Tony Clark says:

    What you don’t see is that the severance or unemployment paid to a fired employee is more than twice what death benefits cost the company. So you may want to look into the benefit ratios at your job.

  2. willwot says:

    See I told you I was here for the long haul only death would make me part. Thank you for the sweet release….

  3. Wildbird says:

    Oh my this looks serious a phantom ceiling clinger

  4. Tom says:

    All you’ll hear is sobbing. Lots and lots of sobbing.

  5. Kehos says:

    I love your ninjas! <3

    Happy Day of the ninja! 😀

  6. Eric3 says:

    I figured the last line would be “He’s around here somewhere…”

  7. Karina says:

    finals must have killed my brain. it took me far too long to notice the throwing star in his head.

    • Greg Rajewski says:

      I don’t mean to top you, Karina, but I only “got it” this morning … 😉

      Honestly, I didn’t get it yesterday why the chicken’s eyes were crossed out just because the ninja appears … until I noticed the “death star” above them. 🙂

  8. Jackson says:

    Now we know why “Prod bot” has that metal carapace on top.

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