Savage Chickens E-books
I’m happy to announce the release of three Savage Chickens e-books! Published by and Andrews McMeel Publishing, the new e-books cover three different themes: zombies, relationships, and a best-of collection. Each e-book contains fifty 3″ x 3″ cartoons selected from my favourites and your favourites from the web site.

All of these e-books are available on Kindle, Apple devices, Google, and Kobo. For more details and purchase links, visit my Books page.

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13 Responses to NEW! Savage Chickens e-books!

  1. Jude says:

    Yes! You included pirate text messaging & many other favorites. I’m so happy to be able to carry these with me on my Kindle (and yeah, I suppose I could have figured out a way to create documents out of my favorites, but hey, your cartoons make me happy, so you deserve the modest income along with the praise). Thanks.

  2. Ada says:

    Hmm… I might just have to get a Google wallet account to download these onto my phone!

  3. steve says:



  4. Antonio says:

    Hi Doug,

    not that I’d buy on Nook (I don’t have a mobile reader yet), but why is the Relationships book not available there? Maybe you missed that one.


  5. asq says:

    amazon prices are joke. i’d only buy a pack directly, in .epub or .mobi formats.

  6. Ant says:

    How about non-ebook versions like old fashion hardcopy books? 😛

  7. MrBawn says:

    Excellent news! I just grabbed the Best Of and will likely pick up the other two later. I’m curious to see whether you redrew any of your earlier cartoons, like you did with “Automation” in your first book.

    Too bad there’s no way to put a flip book into an e-reader.

    • Doug says:

      Nice! Thanks for picking up a copy! I didn’t end up re-drawing any early cartoons for these, but it’s something I might do next time! And if we ever create paper versions of these, you bet I’ll be adding flipbooks!

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