Everybody's Got Problems

Dedicated to Avani, who celebrated her birthday yesterday – happy belated birthday, Avani!

And here are more superheroes.

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8 Responses to Everybody’s Got Problems

  1. Wildbird says:

    Superman is effected by Green Kyrptonite while acheles it was a arrow

  2. daisie says:

    thank you mr savage for the dedication, she was pleasantly surprised! thanks for making it superman!

  3. rrubo says:

    Achilles beat Superman by giving him a giant wood horse full of kryptonite.

  4. kingklash says:

    Ha! You deserve a Pullet Surprise for that one!

  5. As promised was my featured cartoon today on my blog which was about the folly of seeking perfection. Thank you.


  6. Wildbird says:

    Supermans also effected by a Red Sun becuase Kryptons sun was Red

  7. Eric R says:

    Simple yet genius, and I thought I needed the chicken in the strip to be funny!

  8. Avani says:

    Thank you, Doug, that made my day! 🙂

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