Here’s more furniture.

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14 Responses to Furniture

  1. BigLee says:

    There’s definitely a market for the Couch Tub… or is it just me that sees this as a viable product?

  2. Anon. says:

    Stairlift commode???

  3. Wildbird says:

    A jetsons type bed it pop you out like a peice of toast or a bed that comes out of the wall and flips back into the wall with someone in it

  4. willwot says:

    hmm maybe the couch tub with a TV tray?

  5. Jessica says:

    I want that bookshelf recliner.

  6. sam says:

    I want the bookshelf recliner, and the water-ottoman

  7. Wildbird says:

    My brother once sat on one of those beanbag chairs had to roll onto the flor in order to stand up again

  8. Allen's Brain says:

    Interesting how many of your “furniture” comics are also “cat” comics. Have you explored that aspect of your psyche for explanations?
    Okay, so it’s not THAT interesting…

  9. Mary Jaeger says:

    One bookshelf recliner for me please.

  10. Marscaleb says:

    I want a couch tub!

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