Gourmet Dinner

Here’s more food.

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12 Responses to Gourmet Dinner

  1. Ada says:

    I suspect that chicken looks confused because he just realized he’ll need a knife.

  2. Ant says:

    Chickens like pastas?

  3. Anon. says:

    Curved cannelloni???

    you’ve made me hungry, Doug!!!

  4. mariusg says:

    plumber’s favorite :))

  5. Jackson says:

    Macro-roni and Chicken.


  6. willwot says:

    in a macroeconomic world live large

  7. Craig says:

    It’s a lot better than microroni!!!

  8. Wildbird says:

    Shouldnt that be budget gourmet?

  9. Tom says:

    On the plus side, it probably holds a full jar of sauce.

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