Seasonal Favorites

I’d eat it! Here’s more food.

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10 Responses to Seasonal Favorites

  1. Sam Wilkes says:

    The pumpkin spice whopper needs to be eaten while bouncing on a pumpkin space hopper.
    (now repeat that fast 3 times)

    Also I think the McDonald’s version would probably be marketed as the McPumpkin spice latte.

  2. Michael Mol says:

    Picked up a 24-pack of bottles of New Holland Brewing’s Pumpkin Ale at Costco last night. Yum.

  3. sam says:

    You keep writing about things that I wish were reality. And you keep making me hungry. STOP IT DOUG! (which really go on šŸ˜€ )

  4. Wildbird says:

    Pumpkin spice chicken at KFC

  5. cleo says:

    Followed by pumpkin spice pepto bismol.

  6. willwot says:

    hhooo boy too much pumpkinin’ goin’ on seems dicey this spicey

  7. Wildbird says:

    Pumpkin Spice Cola Regular or diet

  8. Anon. says:

    it’ll be on a sweet potato roll. yes, the world needs this burger!!!

  9. kingklash says:

    Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Pie served on Spicy Pumpkin bread, topped with Pumpkin Spice ice cream with extra spicy pumpkins on top.

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