Cute as a Button

Here are more ocean adventures.

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6 Responses to Cute as a Button

  1. willwot says:

    Cued the French Horn Mr. Speilberg

  2. Nysssa says:

    If you created a strip called Savage Kittens, I would read that.

  3. Wildbird says:

    Play the theme to JAWS

  4. Gale says:

    I think I have a hybrid species of catshark and housecat. No not a houseshark at all. This subspecies of catshark has taken well to breathing air and has all but lost its gills, although she still loves being in the water. Strange little creature!

  5. karina says:

    OM_! yes! I get it now. My cat is part shark. Makes soooo much sense why I get bit and attacked all the time.

  6. Sounds a lot like my sisters cat :/

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