Hello Laser Moose

I just felt like drawing Laser Moose again.

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14 Responses to Hello Laser Moose

  1. willwot says:

    All the social skills of a real moose. Gotta love this moose because ur gonna expire. I’d buy a laser moose guardian of the forest tee shirt any available?

  2. Penny Watson says:

    Cutest. Beheading. Ever.

  3. Wildbird says:

    Hide thumper hide

  4. Tony says:

    I just had a “Bambi Meets Godzilla” flashback!

  5. ron says:

    I think at this point you’re pretty much compelled to write a laser moose genesis cartoon…how did it all happen?

  6. Tom says:

    He wins every staring contest he enters. For some reason.

  7. Oracle says:

    I guess Bambi will never make that mistake again.

  8. Jackson says:

    He better stay away from mirror squirrel.

  9. Mark says:

    I don’t like laser moose. It’s like too psychedelic, man.

  10. Howard says:

    This explains why shows like Finding Bigfoot … don’t.

  11. Ant says:

    Did Bullwinkle shoot Rocket J. Squirrel too? šŸ™

  12. Jon N says:

    That explains why Laser Moose doesn’t wear a watch!

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