Last Man

Return of the ever-hopeful Timmy Tofu.

This one is dedicated to John L. – happy birthday to you!!

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7 Responses to Last Man

  1. Nysssa says:

    Don’t tell the vegetarians!

  2. willwot says:

    implausible, improbable, impregnable, impossible, immoral . . .

  3. John L says:

    Thanks for the dedication. This definitely made my day! I’ve enjoyed your cartoons since the beginning and look forward to the daily chuckle. Timmy is hilarious!

  4. Luu says:

    I am back from 1month vacation in tropic forrest and I am so glad that Timmy is back – I was really missing the day dose of Savage Chickens down there. And especialy Timmy, my all time favourite.


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