More octopi.

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6 Responses to Octopus

  1. Peter Wolff says:

    “I promise to use ALL of my arms to tear you apart!”

    (Actually, octopodes are said to have a favorite arm, like we humans have a favorite hand. )

    • Peter Wolff says:

      Hence this entry in the Famous Last Words collection: “Woo-hoooo! You’ve forgotten arm number se-heven! Iiii win! Nya-nya-nyaaaaah!”

  2. Wildbird says:

    Get real close dumb fish and see what the octopuses favorite meal is

  3. Willwot says:

    Cephalopods not only think they are cool they know they are cool. “Talk to the arm! At least to one of them, please . . .”

  4. Oracle says:

    Very expressive clam there

  5. Yanni says:

    those side-eyes though…

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