The Bus

More commuting.

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7 Responses to The Bus

  1. Anon. says:

    But even worse are those who, like me, LOVE taking the bus!!!

  2. Rosemary B says:

    well, it depends on the bus.
    There are good buses, and crummy buses….

  3. willwot says:

    That and i can write a des=ces=ent blog response to savage chickens.

  4. Rena says:

    I never got all the hate on buses. Yeah they’re crowded sometimes and you have to wait for them but the price is right. I never see all these disgusting stereotypes people complain about.

  5. Cleo says:

    Just noticed the Timmy Tofu ad for beer 🙂

  6. Your search engine had trouble locating my old favorite from Sep 2005,

  7. Marscaleb says:

    Meh, they aren’t as bad as the folks who actually enjoy taking the bus.

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