This one’s dedicated to Ita from Bali – happy birthday Ita! 🙂

And here are more cats.

And a reminder: I’ll be at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival all weekend. If you’re in Vancouver, stop by and say hi!

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8 Responses to Unanimous

  1. ita says:

    thank u so much, doug 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    According to Miss Sprite (Maine Coon) I fail as a food provider most often in the morning.
    She believes she has a 5am reservation while I, chef/can opener, believe it to a 6am slot.

  3. Claire Piper says:

    absolutely love this one! It’s perfect (and true) I’d love to have this one on a shirt

  4. Linda says:


  5. Gale Langseth says:

    It’s mew-nimous! Cats are most vocal as dinnertime approaches, and I’ve even known a few to hold up their wrists, as if pointing to their wristwatch!

    Oh, and I second the suggestion for putting this on a t-shirt1

    • Gale Langseth says:

      Aw, crap. Mewnanimous. This is just one way of showing that people who think they can speak Cat really can’t. Really REALLY can’t.


  6. Cleo says:

    I have two cats that sit in the kitchen waiting for breakfast but if it’s not ready within 2 minutes, the tabby walks away in disgust. The other would wait until hell froze over 🙂

  7. Wildbird says:

    Meow Mix for kitty

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