The Fear of Public Speaking

More public speaking.

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4 Responses to The Fear of Public Speaking

  1. Ant says:

    A true chicken. 😛

  2. willwot says:

    Just don’t stutter bwak it sounds chickeny

  3. Victoria says:

    Hi Doug! Are you coming to Comic-con?!! Some people in southern California actually miss you. Cheers from a loyal fan and fellow southpaw, Victoria

    • Doug says:

      Hi Victoria! I miss the people of southern California too – such a nice bunch down there! 🙂

      Alas, I won’t be at Comic-con this year. Hopefully next year!

      Hope you have a great time! Ooh and make sure you swing by the Andrews McMeel / GoComics booth to meet some extremely talented cartoonists! 🙂

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