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More safety fun.

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10 Responses to Safety Fun

  1. Anon. says:

    that will be the latest option on Volkswagens!!!

  2. mariusg says:

    :)))) budget cuts

  3. Ron says:

    That will be an expensive recall; they come standard in clown cars.

  4. Linda says:

    The fun way to crash!!

  5. Wildbird says:

    The volts unneed airheaded airbag

  6. michelle says:


    Coming soon to a “Best of Savage Chickens” near you…

  7. Ant says:

    “Snakes in a Car” with Samuel Jackson saying his famous plane line, but for car. 😉

  8. willwot says:

    Heart attack and/or head through a windshield both can be survived

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