It’s Remembrance Day here in Canada, so I’m thinking about soldiers, past and present. Over on GoComics today, you can read my old Remembrance Day tribute to my grandmother’s uncle who died in World War One.

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5 Responses to Dangerous

  1. Jackson says:

    (pre-Internet TV sketch I cannot find):

    Cave men in protest, carrying signs carved from stone on sticks, singing:

    “Ba-a-an the bow and arrow!
    Ba-a-an the bow and arrow!

    close up of single cave man:

    “With rock you get knocked
    in the head,
    but bow and arrow
    kill you dead!

    (… all I can remember, don’t recall what show. Protests have doubtless continued since then without effect).

  2. willwot says:

    Go Cro

    The Smasher Pointy Stick Man

    But aren’t they really the ones to blame for the arms race. In trying to protect us from ourselves we began a sad spiral to where we are today, disinclined to believe that a weaponless world is a peaceful world.

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