Deleted Scene

Looking forward to seeing The Force Awakens! Need a Star Wars fix in the meantime? I’ve got over 80 Star Wars comics!

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5 Responses to Deleted Scene

  1. Jackson says:

    C3P0 wrote a letter to Santa, asking for new silver-colored coverings. Then he sang to R2D2: “I’ll be chrome for Christmas!!!”


  2. willwot says:

    you know the history of r2d2 shows that he could easily be a fundamental part of the dark side (built by anakin, only showing partial messages, always having that minor glitch in the data system that seems just a bit odd), now he is repeating darth vadarish i’d be watchin’ out for that little tin can.

  3. Wildbird says:

    A-2 D-2,A-5-N9

  4. Martin The Mess says:

    Well, the movie is out now…and this comic is what went through my head when I saw BB-8 roll up to R2-D2.

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