With a rare bit of grayscale, just for fun. Here’s more innovation.

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7 Responses to iBadger

  1. Nell Nelson says:

    I have a feeling i-badger may have more to say in future episodes. . . . Looking forward to that. Grrrr

  2. Ant says:

    Snakes and mushrooms!

  3. willwot says:

    No nothing could be better or badder than a badger!

  4. Rusty says:

    iBadger don’t give a (bleep)!

  5. Epicanis says:

    Nobody seems to know how to jailbreak a new iBadger. However, after they die you can install Linux on them.

  6. Rena says:

    The badger is an anti-theft device.

  7. Martin The Mess says:

    Hmmm. And the whole “drawn in black ink on a yellow post-it note” thing means it’s in the appropriate yellow and black Hufflepuff colors. Nice.

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