Good Boy

More dog adventures.

And hey if you’re in Vancouver this weekend, I’ll be at the CARDED! show at the Hot Art Wet City gallery on Saturday night. Details here on

In other news, I totally forgot that today was April Fools Day.

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5 Responses to Good Boy

  1. Anon. says:

    he’s no April Fool!!!

  2. BlindOracle says:


  3. willwot says:

    Ohh you are such a goood boy you are sitting and contemplating; such a good boy.

    Oh and Doug you are not to far off on PROD3000 stick-n-nail

  4. Ken Roberts says:

    Dog Nietzsche says: “That which doesn’t Kibble us, makes us stronger! Woof!”

  5. Epicanis says:

    Hooray, my nearly-quarter-century-old pseudonym on the internet is momentarily relevant!

    That dogs are natural philosophers has been recognized since antiquity.
    In Book II of “The Republic”, Plato has Socrates himself asserting that dogs are philosophers:

    “dogs are gentle to friends and fierce to strangers. Your dog is a philosopher who judges by the rule of knowing or not knowing; and philosophy, whether in man or beast, is the parent of gentleness.”[1]

    He neglects, though, to recognize that Dog Philosophy is more sophisticated than merely distinguishing known from unknown, but further naturally and neatly categorizes everything known into four kinds: Food, Toys, Companions, and Markers of Territory.

    This elegant system clearly proves that dogs are truly among the wisest of philosophers.


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