Moby Trek

Happy Captain Picard Day!

With early birthday greetings to Lisa S. – hope you have a great birthday this weekend!

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3 Responses to Moby Trek

  1. Wildbird says:

    Joanah and Pinnochio on the away Team

  2. Sam says:

    I’d like to know what the ideation process for this one was. What came first: The Borg, The Whale, or The Trek?

    • Doug says:

      Usually I can find my early notes and sketches for a comic, but not this time, unfortunately!

      I do know that this idea started with Picard, because I would have been brainstorming ideas for Picard Day. And then I probably got thinking about the time that he was assimilated into the Borg. What Picard-like skills and qualities would the Borg deem worthy of assimilation? His love of literary classics? Probably not! 🙂

      I expect that I settled on Moby Dick as the obvious literature reference, because it’s mentioned extensively in Star Trek: First Contact. And because hey I’d get to draw a cyborg whale! 🙂

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