More fears.

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7 Responses to Heights

  1. Nell Nelson says:

    This cracks me up. Emily is turning in her you know what…

  2. Sonja says:

    As always, thanks for the daily chuckle!

  3. Ant says:

    I live and lived in heights though, and I have a fear of heights even one floor up! :O

  4. Jeremy says:

    Try the semaphore version.

  5. Willwot says:

    Whether the weather affects the withering heather in Wuthring Heights heightens my interest! But the botany on the bounty was but breadfruit and bananas!

  6. Sam says:

    Heathcliff is freaky…

  7. Meri says:

    This made me laugh all day! Totally agree with the chicken 🙂

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