No Monsters

More bedtimes.

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6 Responses to No Monsters

  1. Ron says:

    …not to mention ticks…thousands and thousands of ticks.

  2. Willwot says:

    The more you know . . .

  3. Rusty says:

    I begin to think that junior just doesn’t get much sleep most nights- scorpions, pandas, jobs which breed self-loathing and resentment, death sheep…

  4. belphebe says:

    Doug, I gotta ask: do you show these cartoons to people that try to get you to babysit?
    “Sure, I’d love to take care of your kids! And here’s what I’ll tell them at bedtime!” 🙂

  5. Wildbird says:

    If you hear a Achoo in the night it means the monster is allergic to the dust bunnies

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