Rough Day

More Godzilla.

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8 Responses to Rough Day

  1. willwot says:

    *I don’t get paid enough to do this

  2. lodger says:

    Incidentally, I never knew Godzilla was hired, per se. I’m assuming training was on-the-job?

  3. Christian A Clausen says:

    Today of all days, I know how he feels.

  4. Allen's Brain says:

    I always love Godzilla in translation!

    I’m wondering what other vocations he’d be qualified for. Not that you’re out of ideas or losing steam, but that might make an interesting series: “Unemployed Godzilla in Translation”? “Godzilla in Transition”?

    The translated thoughts make me think “Godzilla P.I.” Really. big.fedora.

  5. (Random Chicken) Gavin says:

    Return of King Ghidorah! 😀

  6. (Random Chicken) Gavin says:

    * The workspace environment has gotten a little hostile. And all benefits are gone!

  7. Wildbird says:

    Ghidra is so difficult to reason with unless you kick his backsode

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