Secret Santa

Dedicated to Zoe again! A Darth Vader comic for you!

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8 Responses to Secret Santa

  1. willwot says:


  2. Wildbird says:

    And where your on tatooine stay out of the canyons when the bonegawers are mating Great Big Birds will eat you or bomb you bird fashion

  3. Nell Nelson says:

    Chuckling and muttering….

  4. lodger says:

    …at least it wasn’t from a bantha

  5. chalkycliffs says:

    Olfactory sensor malfunction…

    Which switch/blinking light is that?

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  7. Zoetrope says:

    Tee hee! He deserves that!

  8. Zoetrope says:

    I’m 11 now!

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