Conspiracy Theory

More truth.

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8 Responses to Conspiracy Theory

  1. Peter Wolff says:

    Why do you disguise this as a conspiration theory? Do you fear if you just plain said this is the truth “THEY” would come over and briasbvdn<

  2. Gale Langseth says:

    But what are they damming?

    Maybe they’re really platypus. Okay, okay, that theory only holds up if you’re looking at them from behind… My original question stands. :^)

  3. Doug says:

    That’s a dam lie!

  4. willwot says:

    Rodentius Insecticus Beavarum

  5. Kim says:

    mercy those would be some adorable termites

  6. Rusty says:

    Do we ever see beavers and termites in the same place at the same time???

  7. chucky says:

    mind blownd

  8. Silvina says:

    Aww, they are so cute!

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