Spider Cat

I brought back Spider Cat from yesterday’s comic, because everybody seemed to agree that he was more cute than terrifying.

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6 Responses to Spider Cat

  1. Jane Roberts says:

    Cat spider is actually terrifying. Give me Spider Cat any day!

  2. willwot says:

    Seems huge this difference!

  3. Peter Wolff says:

    Spider cat is really cute – until he starts running.

    There seems to be an inherited disposition to find anything that crawls with more than 4 legs uncanny, and with more than 6 legs scary.

  4. Gale says:

    Yes, SpiderCat is muchMUCH preferable to the alternative!

  5. Lisa H. says:

    I agree – Cat Spider, YIKES!

  6. Seb says:

    Spider Toaster still horrific.

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