See? My fear of spiders is completely justified.

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5 Responses to Beware

  1. Chalkycliffs says:

    This explains a lot of Spider-Man’s behaviour…

  2. Jackson says:

    It’s bean done. šŸ˜›

  3. (Random Chicken) says:

    Nature is a beautiful thing.

  4. Jackson says:

    Spider, damn! Spider, damn!
    Goes where no other spider can!

    Can he fart? Listen, Friend;
    He shoots jet exhaust from his end

    Hey there, there goes a spider, damn!

    Does it smell? What’cha think?
    It could make a skunk’s eyelids blink

    He attacks ‘cross the air,
    chickens are running scared

    Watch out! Better turn on the fan!

    When the prey’s in sight, at a bean-tasting night
    With a scream of fright, chickens get sent to flight!

    Spider, Damn! Spider, Damn!
    There goes the neighborhood; Spider, Damn!
    ‘Most the time he’s ignored,
    Victims jerk ‘cuz they’re floored

    To him, he’s better off not snoring
    At least his life’s not boring
    He is a spider! DAMN!!

    I wish to apologize to the entire world for that item. At least I waited a few days.

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