Still in Germany. Might’ve had a beer or two!

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8 Responses to Bier

  1. Florin Micu says:

    “What else would I need to know?”
    “Another beer – Noch ein Bier, bitte!”

  2. David Teach says:

    “Is your daughter 18?” is handy.

  3. Howard says:

    “Currywurst mit Pommes, bitte!”

  4. Peter Wolff says:

    Right. “Wie viel?” (“How much?”) or “Zahlen, bitte!” (“The bill, please!”) would be very counterproductive.

  5. Tracy Randall Titus says:

    I love this! When I lived in Germany we traveled to a lot of other countries. We figured we needed to know how to order beer and ask for the bathroom 🙂 Please and Thank you are nice too, but Greek is hard!

    • Howard says:

      I rapidly discovered in Japan that asking for directions is of little use if you cannot understand the answer (unless they realize they should point). I also learned that one of the most useful phases in any language is, “that, please.” For a real thrill, go into a restaurant in which you can see on the menu some sort of su-te-ki (steak) for about $20, point to that line, and say, “Kore, kudasai.” (It actually worked out better than I expected!)

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