Being Optimistic

And more optimism.

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3 Responses to Being Optimistic

  1. Gale Vester says:

    …so the glass will get re-filled? Perpetual motion machine it’s not, but if it works, it works!

  2. Markus says:

    I just noticed how very subtly you change the outlines of the eyes and beak to show facial expressions without eyebrows and other human features. I always wondered about that. This might be a “I am the ‘ow’ in the word ‘now'”-moment but I am very impressed.

    • Doug says:

      Yes! Thanks for noticing, Markus! 🙂

      I like how much their expressions can change just by squishing the eyes into a slightly different shape, or by rounding out the curve of a beak. Another fun thing for me is when I have to give the chickens “hands” made of feathers. Fun! 🙂

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