Good Boys

More dogs and cats.

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3 Responses to Good Boys

  1. IAmDawny says:

    Why don’t you make Saturday or Sunday comics? I understand not making Sundays, but why not Saturday?

    • Doug says:

      Good question! I chose my schedule sort of randomly at the beginning. Because the comic started off as a workplace rebellion thing, I stuck to posting during the regular Monday-Friday workweek. And I do appreciate having my weekends off to catch up on things, especially when I also have a book project on the go.

      But you never know! I’ve considered adding a Saturday comic before – it’s just a matter of finding the time!

      In the meantime, you could follow me on Instagram, where I often post random doodles and stuff on weekends 🙂

  2. Karen M says:

    I freaking love this comic! Happy new year, Doug. Thank you so much for being a reliable source of laugher in my life.

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