Trouble on the Roof

And more kangaroos.

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8 Responses to Trouble on the Roof

  1. Gale Vester says:

    Oh! Ohohohohohohoh-OH! Would that this had appeared on the 4th of October, and then I’d have declared it a birthday present to me! Unknown by you or the ‘roo, of course! (I love kangaroos and always have!)

  2. Doug says:

    Hi everybody,

    This morning, I was completely mortified to discover that today is World Mental Health Awareness Day, making this the most poorly-timed cartoon in the history of Savage Chickens. I am very sorry if this cartoon offended anybody.

    If you think somebody in your life is showing signs that they might be contemplating suicide, please reach out to them. I have seen firsthand what can happen when you miss the warning signs. Thankfully, I have also seen what good things can happen when you do reach out to somebody and help them.

    Here are some useful resources to help you do that: Crisis Services Canada and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

    take care,

  3. Alyxx Berg says:

    thank you. you are kind.

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