It’s election day here in Canada, and it’s going to be another close one!

So get out there and vote, my fellow Canadians. Don’t know where your polling station is? Just visit the Elections Canada website and type in your postal code!

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8 Responses to Voting

  1. Bryan says:

    And I thought this was a Brazilian-only problem…

  2. Rodrigo says:

    it happened last year in the brazilian elections

  3. Pam says:

    Greetings from the country engulfed in the terror of Trump! Vote for the person who ensures you don’t get a Trump equivalent.

    Then try to change your country to allow ranked choice voting so you can vote for the person you like- but if you are currently suffering the stupid first past-the-post electoral system, risk mitigation is the only safe bet.

    Voter math form the USA perspective:

    If every Stein voter had voted for Clinton instead, she could have won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and the presidency.

  4. Jackson says:

    This isn’t the place for partisan screed; it’s a comic site for Pete’s sake.

    • Howard says:

      Thank you.
      The comic works because this is a perennial problem. It was true, and therefore worth a chuckle, 200 years ago, and it will be true as long as voting remains a thing. Hyperventilating about Trump isn’t funny now and will age badly.
      By the way, this is presumably timed for the CANADIAN election. Hopefully Canadians know this election is not about Trump. (Hopefully, but since I know Canadian schoolchildren were taken out of class to watch the first inauguration of Obama, maybe not.)

  5. Peter Wolff says:

    Yet another luxury problem.

    I vote for the person/party I hate least if I’m emotional, and for the person/party I expect to cause the least damage if I’m rational.

    • Howard says:

      Usually it’s a choice between the party that wants to let the trolley keep going, so that it kills 5 people tied to the tracks, vs the party that wants to divert it, so that it kills only one person. Suggest stopping the trolley, though, and you’ll be laughed out of the room. The progress of the trolley must not be hindered!

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