How's It Going?

And more small talk.

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4 Responses to How’s It Going?

  1. Peter Wolff says:

    The implausible thing is that the first chicken seems to be aware of having asked a question at all, albeit a rhetorical one.

  2. Maisie says:

    In older times in England, before the invention of “Hello”, the polite way to greet a person was with “How d’you do.” It wasn’t a question. The correct response was to say the same back. No one was expected to actually answer it as a question.

    The modern “How are you?” is really an extension of that, but for some reason we miss the fact that it’s a greeting.

  3. giuliolele says:

    Eric Berne would have loved this one.

  4. Snarf says:

    How do I get this as a poster and/or hoodie?

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