Happy Valentine’s Day!

See you this weekend, Vancouverites!

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4 Responses to Always

  1. Peter Wolff says:

    First time, I read

    ” Be mine always” sounds creepy.

    Well, yes, it does.

    But “I promise to be yours always” can sound great. It’s just (really) difficult and/or can take a long, long (and very painful) time to find the right person to say to.

    I thank God on my knees that my wife and I are married for seven years and neither of us did regret their decision even one minute.

  2. chalkycliffs says:

    Just add ‘Forever’ at the end….

    Waaaay more creepy.

  3. Howard says:

    If you think it’s creepy on Valentine’s Day, just wait until Presidents’ Day.

  4. Ant says:

    Chicken won’t be mine. šŸ™

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