Moon Bear 8

That’s it for my week of Moon Bear! It was a lot of fun to revisit this story. What’s going on underneath the salmon farm? Will Moon Bear ever get a fish? We’ll find out eventually! Next week, I’ll be back to doing regular chicken cartoons, but I’ll continue Moon Bear again some time soon. Especially since I got so much nice feedback about it this week! 🙂

And here are the other installments:

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13 Responses to Moon Bear 8

  1. Sam says:

    Is that the “time space continuum” button?

  2. Jackson says:

    That is one heck of a long post-it!

  3. Nolene says:

    What? A cliff-hanger!

  4. David Peterson says:

    were there previous Moonbear comics I missed?

    • Doug says:

      Maybe? I’ve included links to all 8 comics (so far) below this comic – just click the numbers to see them!

      (It starts with him already on the moon, so if you’re wondering how he got there, I haven’t shown that part (yet!))

  5. Dale says:

    What happened to Moon Bear?

    • Doug says:

      I’ll continue the Moon Bear story! I’ve just been a bit busy lately, and the Moon Bear comics take longer to draw than my usual comics. But I’ve written the whole story, so I definitely want to get back to it and finish it! 🙂

  6. DARKSABER says:


  7. Oliver says:

    Can’t wait for more – Moon Bear rocks!

  8. Rydonerto Ralxor says:

    Continue moon bear? it has been around 3 years since this was posted

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