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7 Responses to Remotely

  1. Howard says:

    As long as it’s not “Amazing Grace.” I love the hymn, and I like the bagpipes, but the two do not really go together; yet these days if you actually hear a bagpipe, it’s 99% likely to be playing “Amazing Grace.”

    • You do know the music is from Scotland and been performed with bagpipes for a few centuries, right?

      • Jen in Edinburgh says:

        The tune usually used for Amazing Grace was apparently first published in America in 1829 – it might be, or be based on, an earlier unpublished English folk tune, but it’s a pipe tune only in the sense that it happens to fit within the pipes’ octave+1 range (unlike, say, Auld Lang Syne)

      • Howard says:

        You do know that the bagpipes are a few millennia old, right? But that’s not really the point. Yes, “Amazing Grace” can be played on bagpipes, just like James Bond music or Star Wars music can be (and all too often is) played by a marching band. That does not make it a good fit — at least no better than when Gonzo the Great played Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on the bagpipes.

  2. Rusty says:

    You sure that’s bagpipes, and not the cats being used as bagpipes? (I’ve seen the videos on Twitter!)

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