Hey Rental Car

I’m hopping in my rental and heading to the airport today. Thanks for joining me on this little journey and for all the nice comments and emails about this batch of on-the-road comics. All of these comics have been photographed on my mom’s kitchen table.

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8 Responses to Hey Rental Car

  1. ant says:

    Safe travels, Doug!

  2. Traveller says:

    In the good old timesā„¢ ,cars used to clunk, whine and crash. At the very least you could rely on a big bang to tell your motor just broke. Nowadays the cars just beep and chime, which is much more scary!

  3. Doug says:

    I often wonder how much it would cost to convert these random noises into actual words. Instead of Beep a nice voice would say ‘HEY STUPID, YOU LEFT THE KEY IN THE IGNITION WHEN YOU GOT OUT’. In your language…with your choice of voice. Come on car makers, can we do this??

  4. Bill Dodd says:

    You conveyed your feelings very well– And you are right about rental cars!

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