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4 Responses to Fingerpaintbot

  1. Franklin Beans says:

    This time, they’ve gone to far!

  2. Peter Wolff says:

    You can’t start early enough to get used to relying on machines.

    No need to walk – there are cars.

    No need to paint – there are robots like this one.

    No need to write texts – there are AIs.

    No need to do maths – there are calculators and algebra systems.

    No need to search for friends – just accept the thousands of suggestions of your social media.

    No need to enjoy nature – augmented reality and virtual reality will do that for you.

    We did get to “1984” a bit later than that, now let’s see if we manage to get to “in the year 2525” a bit earlier…

  3. BrianB says:

    What will they think of next? A bot to play in junior band would save a lot of ears.

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