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2 Responses to Preparation

  1. Peter Wolff says:

    That chicken is right. You learn lots of things for life in school (albeit few of these are on the official syllabus).

    Some of the valuable lessons I learned at school:

    – It doesn’t matter at all what you know and can do, it matters what others believe what you know and can do

    – The official syllabus contains what you will be tested on, not necessarily what you’ll be taught in lessons

    – Being cute is more persuasive than having proofs

    – You can get away with literally anything you can think of as long as nobody suspects you could be involved (luckily for the world, I still have a conscience)

    – Once you have a reputation for being a liar (no matter if deserved or not), nobody will believe you anymore

    – Life is hard but unfair

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