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Update 3: Here’s a higher-quality version on

Update 2: Hey I won! Wow! Incredible. A big thank-you to Laura and the band for choosing my video. Thanks to all of you readers for the generous comments and kind words. Having never really done anything like this before, it’s very rewarding to me that it was a success – in the contest, and with all of you. Thanks! And be sure to visit Laura’s site to check out the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place videos!

Update: Fun facts about the making of the video.

The chickens make their animation debut today! This is my entry for the Laura Veirs music video contest. It’s for the song “Phantom Mountain” from the Saltbreakers album – a great album – go get yourself a copy!

Just click the video to start playing it. If you can’t see it for some reason, you can watch it on YouTube.

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I’ve created an animated music video for Laura Veirs, who held a music video contest this summer. Of course, I didn’t find out about the contest until there were only two weeks left before the deadline. So for two weeks, I drew like a madman and took over 1500 photographs. I finished it at 3:30 a.m. in the wee hours before the deadline. It was completely insane. And I’ll be posting it on the site this Friday – but for now, here’s a sneak preview:

Make sure you stop by again on Friday to see the video. And wish me luck – the contest winners will be announced in the next couple of weeks!

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