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Enemy of the Daleks

Dedicated to Kristin and Andrew! Happy 5th anniversary, you two!

Here’s more Doctor Who and Doctor Octopus.

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Night of the Dalek

Dedicated to Sophie, who’s celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday Sophie!

Also dedicated to Jeff and Mary Ellen – a belated happy anniversary to you two!

And here’s another Dalek.

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Here are some new images you can use for avatars and that sort of thing, featuring non-chicken characters from recent cartoons:

Zombie Cat Dalek Godzilla Train Mana T Robocat Wombat Batwombat Bane

These are 100-pixel squares. If you need a bigger icon, click the image to see the 300-pixel version!

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Today’s cartoon is dedicated to reader Tony Bond, who has been patiently waiting for me to draw Doctor Who.

I’ll be arriving in San Diego today and getting settled in for Comic-Con. Hope to see a bunch of you there soon!

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