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Connecting the Dots: The Answer

Well I got lots of great suggestions for the answer to my Connecting the Dots cartoon, including: alien babybaby carriagebaby elephantbat signalcartoonconstellation coffee fienddogdotty beastdouble rainbowjoker-yodaMona Lisamutant animal fightnarwhalPicasso’s catpoxsurreal facetroll face

But the reader who got the closest to the real thing was Ben. Here’s his version!

And here’s my version of the answer.

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Savage Chickens - Spy Movie

Starring Aquachicken as James Bond.

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Savage Chickens - Shell Game

Another cephalopod.

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Savage Chickens - Rock!

Watch out, Plastique Man! Any villain who can fight and paint a self-portrait at the same time is a force to be reckoned with.

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More Pet Rock: 12

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