Thanks for tuning in to Musical Chickens week at Savage Chickens. If you missed any of this week’s lyrical queries, here’s the final playlist:

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7 Responses to Fools in Love

  1. J.W. says:

    agree do i

  2. GreatBotBoy says:

    I gotta give props where they are due…

    Your a genius!

  3. micahp says:

    I wanna do something like this. I wish I was as creative.

  4. Bull says:

    micahp, you can do something like this. I’m doing it right now… Check out You don’t need to draw well, just be able to hold a pen. I think the trick is in the writing, but then that can always come with a bit of practice. Don’t worry about the quality of your writing, just DO IT. After a while you’ll learn what is good and what isn’t by other people’s reactions.


  5. Nell says:

    And you gotta be REALLY intelligent to fall out….

  6. chicken cheerleader says:

    Wow! That’s deep…….

  7. Anonymous says:

    unless the fool is Barry White, in which case “love” is just a euphemism for something dirty

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