This one’s dedicated to the Southeast Polk JV cheersquad!

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19 Responses to Cheerleaders

  1. Much Gooder says:

    Oops, all this time I’ve been cheering for the cheerleaders.

  2. smudge says:

    me too. honestly I’m really disappointed that they don’t get more floor time. Couldn’t we add additional long breaks into sporting events to allow the cheerleaders more time to… cheer?

    And why doesn’t baseball have cheerleaders? Just football and basketball. What makes them so special? Pff.

  3. Elwood says:

    I suppose your view on cheerleaders depends on why you go to a sporting event in the first place.

    I go for the hot-dogs.

  4. LazyPoint says:

    Hence the term “dark ages”. Question…in ancient Rome there where cheerleaders for the gladiators….”Let’s go Gladiators, let’s go”. Where there cheerleaders for the lions? For the Christians?

    This has been bothering me.


  5. chicken cheerleader says:

    YAY!!!!!!! Our cheer coach thought it was hilarious! Thank you soooooo much! Varsity doesn’t have an online cartoon about chicken dedicated to them! Mwahahahaha! We printed it off and it’s on coaches wall! Thanks again! SEP cheerleaders love ya! Also, thanx for everybody’s sympathy for us, we don’t get a lot of attention because everybody tthinks cheerleading is easy, but athletes lift weight and cheerleaders lift people so there!

    PS-Ya kno, chickens would make good pom poms….hmmm.

  6. chicken cheerleader says:

    also, to muchgooder and smudge-extra special thanks!


  7. chicken cheerleader says:

    S-C-O-R-E! Score, score! Doug made a cheer comic dedicaed to us!

  8. Ole Blue The Heretic says:

    I go to sporting events to watch the cheerleaders! All those football playes etc do is run around with a ball. I would like to see them try to do the things cheerleaders do. I think cheerleaders are great athletes

  9. Doug Savage says:

    heheh when I imagine a world without cheerleaders, I think of hundreds of spectators yelling out random letters that don’t spell anything. Chaos!

    Glad you liked the cartoon, Andrea!

  10. jeninator says:

    for some unknown reason..i have nothing pointless to say about this one….IVE LOST MY TOUCH!!!!

  11. Much Gooder says:

    Gimme a J,
    Gimme an E,
    Gimme an N.

    What’s that spell?

    Jenny – just for the record, your comment was very pointless. Good one. I’m proud of you. 🙂

  12. chicken cheerleader says:

    Everybody @ school thought it was cool that you dedicated it to us, but only the smart people got it. Our libraian wanted me to ask if you could create some library themed chickenness, and the southeast polk RAMS want SEP chickenness, the whole school has you on their favorites list now! Could you do some RAM chickenness? Our colors are black and gold, just like sticky notes and ink, and we are a smalltown school in Iowa, We also have a group called the COWBELL CRUE that bangs cowbells at sporting events. We have the most school spirit in Iowa, I’ll sen you a picture of how crazy our student section gets at football games! Just some ideas for a new cartoon. THANK YOU!


    ps-Ahhhhh, the power of chickens

  13. chicken cheerleader says:

    You’re from Canada?!? My best friend is like totally obsessed with everything canadian! Wow, ok, Doug, you are my new role-model!

  14. chicken cheerleader says:

    Can you make this into a notebook with the dedication? That would be so cool! sorry if i’m posting too much but this is so cool! Us cheerleaders get excited if we’re mentioned in the school newspaper, let alone the internet!


  15. grubby says:

    Wow!!!What a responce.Is it possible that I could attract young cheerleaders if I raise chickens. Here chick chick chick…

  16. Much Gooder says:

    Where’s my stick with a nail in it when I need it?

  17. chicken cheerleader says:

    Mayby Grubby, but they’d have to be really cute chickens, maybe pink! lol

  18. Cheerleader23 says:

    can i ask what this means? jw

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