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12 Responses to Gadzooks!

  1. Much Gooder says:


  2. rattykatty says:

    this is really olde–“quoz”…

  3. chicken cheerleader says:

    gadzooks! Hey, ya wanna do me a favor doug? Can you make a cheerleading themed one, our whole squad thinks you’re hilarous! Good luck from the Southeast Polk JV cheersquad!

  4. synical says:

    Here’s another –


  5. doninstatesville says:

    synically_jaded, you are the best!!

  6. Sweetzi says:

    A pox on your coop!

  7. ladyfair says:


  8. Doug Savage says:

    Egad! Here you go, chicken cheerleader. Go team!

  9. LazyPoint says:

    Yee Gods!!

    Thou prostesth too much


  10. bocephus says:


  11. Equius Zahhak says:

    D –> Fiddlesti%
    D –> E%cuse my language

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