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12 Responses to Horror Movie

  1. doninstatesville says:

    But those sneaky tofu’s can’t lay eggs…!

  2. George Allan says:

    Do you guys get chicken flavoured tofu over there?

  3. chicken cheerleader says:

    It’s healthy, its bland, it tastes like slimy jello-cheese! ITS TOFU! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  4. jeninator says:

    tofu smells funny…and taste like butt

  5. Elwood says:

    Oh great! Now I’m going to have nightmares…

  6. TheGreatTimeWaster says:

    I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew my cousin who ate an entire plate of tofu, and now no one knows him :-0

  7. eagle1515 says:

    The “real” Horror Movie….
    Chicken 1 “Not feeling well?”
    Chicken 2 “No, I think I have the flu.”
    Chicken 1 “It’s going around I hear.”

  8. grubby says:

    Its time for the chickens to unite and fight the tofu scourge.Tofu spreads avian flu you know.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Knowing Timmy Tofu for the pervert that he is, one must wonder why he and his friends are chasing the chickens, and why the chickens are so fearful of being caught

  10. Random Chicken (Gavin) says:

    And comes the birth of Timmy and Tammy. Long may they reign.

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