Now that Halloween Week is over, it’s time to announce the results of the Savage Chickens Halloween Contest. Thanks to everybody who participated! Because of the overwhelming response, I decided to provide a Savage Chickens coffee mug as a second prize.

Here are the winners:

First place – Karl Dix wins a Savage Chickens t-shirt for his suggestion:
“For God’s sake man! Get your head out of its arse!”

Second place – Andrew Tolson wins a Savage Chickens mug for his suggestion:
“Hollow and disturbing. It’s the perfect costume for you.”

For those who didn’t win, keep an eye out for future contests. This was fun so I’ll probably do it again!

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6 Responses to The Day After

  1. Catt says:

    Congrats guys! Don’t envy you, Doug, the task of choosing winners, but can’t wait for the next contest. Love getting Chickens in my coop every morning, even if they are bearing fowl Christmas Marketing Tactics.

  2. tadenterprizes says:

    What a treat, Chickens all week. I just hate it when you guys are cooped up on the weekends!

  3. jeninator says:

    wow Christmas advertising got you guys too…..NO!!!!! everyone take cover, must be the end of the world!!!!!

  4. Exploradorada says:

    Ooooh,scaary. In Mexico Dia de los Muertos is just beginning so Christmas doesnt come until Thursday…

  5. chicken cheerleader says:

    D-d-d-d-d-Dora! D-d-d-d-d-Dora! Dora Dora Dora the Explorer. Come on Explora Dora! Hey map, let’s go! Come on, vamanos! you can lead the way! Hey Hey! D-d-Dora, D-d-Dora! Swiper no swipey, Swiper no swipey! YEAH! Dora the Explorer! OMG, that was so fun and yet sad, I luv ur name tho! Lol, every body wish me luck for Basketball Season Cheerleading tryouts! I hope I make Varsity, i’ve been told I may. Hey Doug, if I do, doya think your could honor it with another fantabulous cheerleading cartoon?


  6. malliegh says:

    Now THAT is scary, but true… Remember the “good old days” when X-mas explosion didn’t start ’till the day after thanksgiving? (Some of us even remember when it didn’t start until ADVENT.)

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